Fantasy Creature Masks by Tiger Torre Art

Fantasies and myths, dreams abound;      
         creating lovely visions to astound…

Here be Dragons...
Dragons of all shapes, sizes, and colors!

This top section contains examples of different dragons; these have all sold.
They are patterned designs, however, and can be repeated in your choice of colors and finishes.

The Elemental Dragons are shown here with their stock colorations. They can also be made in custom colors.

Earth Dragon Mask
Air Dragon Mask

Earth Dragon Mask ~ $170
Air Dragon Mask ~ $170

Water Dragon Mask
Fire Dragon Mask

Water Dragon Mask ~ $170
Fire Dragon Mask ~ $170

Here are four newer dragon patterns introduced in 2009.
These patterns can be repeated, but each stock piece will be made with a unique coloration.

Finn Dragon Mask
New Asian Dragon Mask

Finn Dragon Mask ~ Peacock Blue & Aqua ~ $170
New Asian Dragon Mask ~ Silver, Red & Green  ~ $170

Morlath Dragon Mask
Adamas Dragon Mask

Morlath Dragon Mask ~ Green & Copper ~ $170
Adamas Dragon Mask ~ Purple, Silver & Copper  ~ $170

Here are the two newest dragon patterns introduced in 2011.
The Ferric Dragon uses Micacaceous Iron Oxide paint, a hematite finish.
The Acantha pattern will be finished in a unique color pattern for each stock piece.

Ferric Dragon Mask
Acantha Dragon Mask

Ferric Dragon ~ Hematite Finish ~ $170
Acantha Dragon ~ Blue Scaled ~ $170

The fiery bird who rises from the ashes... Phoenix.
The Phoenix pattern is one of the most complex masks that Tiger makes.
Pictures do not do these works of art enough justice; many layers of color go into each finish.

Phoenix Mask
Phoenix Mask

Phoenix Mask ~ $200
Phoenix Mask ~ $200

Phoenix Mask Detail
Phoenix Mask
Phoenix Mask Detail

Phoenix Mask Detail
Phoenix Mask ~ $200
Phoenix Mask Detail

Phoenix Mask
Phoenix Mask

Phoenix Mask ~ $200
Phoenix Mask ~ $200

Mask Hangers are available in silver and brass for $2 each.
To place an order, please e-mail Tiger with the name of the piece(s) you are interested in.
If the piece is in stock, it can ship quickly. If not, one can usually be made to order.

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